Australia relishing their larges tourism boom since the 2000 Sydney Olympics

It appears that Australia is back in favor among international visitors with visitors from outside the country coming here is huge numbers. This is not something that has not been seen before the Olympics in Sydney.
Short term tourist arrivals in the year till August compared with earlier twelve months reveal a double digit development in tourists coming from places like Malaysia, India and China. Travelers also poured to Australia from Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore with an overall increase in short term arrival of 8.2%.
John O’Sullivan, the managing director of Tourism Australia, stated that 538800 people came for a short term arrival in August. He added that they have not seen these sorts of international tourist arrivals numbers since the Sydney 2000 Olympics days.
What is very pleasing is that they are experiencing strong performances around the board, from their traditional Western markets along with the new, emerging Eastern markets which are now very much part of today’s Australian tourism story.
Craig James, a senior CommSec analyst, stated that the development in Chinese travelers was nothing short of astonishing. Craig James stated that in just less than 4 years, the annual number of Chinese travelers to Australia has doubled and if the current development rates keep up, China would surpass New Zealand as their primary source of tourists in around 5 years time. He added that other important development is that the overall traveler arrivals are developing just shy of the newest pace in fourteen years no doubt boosted by improvement in the worldwide economy.