New paddlewheel boat

A return for the old – styled paddle-wheel riverboat travel through the Mississippi River goes even on this weekend along with its departure from New Orleans. The Queen of the Mississippi, which is a new, quintuple-decked watercraft mixing nineteenth century trappings intended to relive the Mark Twain time along with modern facilities including satellite television, Internet access, a putting green and an exercise area.

On Saturday, the boat of the American Cruise Lines departed on its very first 7 - night round tour to Vicksburg. The boat’s future destinations include Tennessee, Memphis, Minneapolis - St. Paul as well as Pittsburgh and the Ohio River.
The launch of the Queen of the Mississippi comes 6 months later the contesting Great American Steamboat Co. fetched riverboat cruises to New Orleans along with the renovated American Queen in the month of April.

Some tourism officials tell that both are welcome views. Paddle-wheel riverboat travel is an element of the culture and history of New Orleans that was missed for many years to a great extent, told Greater New Orleans Convention and Tourism Bureau’s Kim Priez. Kim added that this place cannot be imagined without river cruising. This is something which you expect to watch when you look at the window of the hotel, these beautiful vessels going up and down in the Mississippi river. The Natchez steamboat still makes trips in this place but long Mississippi River cruises on vessels like the Mississippi Queen, the Delta Queen and the American Queen died out.

Essence Festival

This is one of the leading music festivals in New Orleans. This festival celebrates black culture. It is on its eighteenth year and will celebrate as well as embrace budding artists. Besides that, industry stalwarts like Aretha Franklin will also be present there.

The Essence Music Festival has further added charm to the ongoing music festival series in New Orleans. On the opening day, the performance was focused only towards youth programmes which included famous rapper Diggy Simons, OMG Girlz, Coco Jones of Disney Channel and The Roots of Music of New Orleans.

The festival will kick start from sunday. Fourteen year old Coco who is the discovery of Disney Channel’s “Next Big Thing” has claimed that performance has never been that important. She was casted in the television musical film “Let It Shine” which was telecasted last month. She will debut in her untitled album which will release next month. She is planning to deliver a high packed show which will have tight choreography along with some theatrical essentials. Coco said that she is super excited and wants everyone to see it. Coco claimed that it is difficult to sing all alone without any back up dancers, B-boys and flippers.

This Sunday, the Queen of Soul will be awarded with the Essence "Power Award" for her chart buster numbers spanning over a period of four decades. Her hit numbers comprises of songs like "Think", "Respect," "Chain of Fools," "Son of a Preacher Man” and "I Say a Little Prayer”. The President of Essence Communications, Michelle Ebanks said that Queen of Soul will sing it all from A to Z and it will be a night of ultimate electric celebration.

Triathletes of New Orleans

Rene is one of many New Orleans triathlete players in San Francisco to contend in Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon scheduled for Sunday. Alonzo tells this championship should be on each triathlete's barrel list.

Alonzo told that a whole lot of people who have already done it from here tell that it is really a must do contest, and I could not agree more on that. He added that he try to go there each year.

Like the poky of old, all the triathlon will demonstrate their unique challenges to two-thousand triathletes competing in 27.5 mile run.

For those who are used to swim in warm water of Gulf of Mexico - the 1.5 mile swiming in 55 degree hot water of the San Francisco Bay may possibly look like the most scaring task. Still, Alonzo told the tough challenge is 400 step sand ladder in the running part of the race. Alonzo told that there is a chain which helps to pull up and that is how tough it is to make it up and they sneak a photographer to catch you at your worst.

Alonzo added that the group she coaches with consents that they have to last the sand ladder. Still, this does not seem that someone looking for to take part needs to be a free-enterprise athlete. The group coach for the run in Lake Pontchartrain, and biking in the Lakefront as well as running in the City Park 3 – 4 days each week. After the triathlon 3 times, Alonzo really knows that hills are a big challenge, but she tells that San Francisco’s beauty erves offset the pace.


Cultural Exchange Pavilion is generally held in reserve for exhibits and performances by people from foreign nations with ethnicity that synchronizes with the Crescent City.

Haiti was sported in the year 2011. Mali, South Africa, Martinique and Brazil have all alternated in the spotlight.

This year the focus could not come any closer to home. The tent situated near Congo Square, will be the spot for gathering spot for tribes of New Orleans' own Mardi Gras Indian maskers, who will give festival goers a glance at the creative and harmonious customs behind their fabulous Carnival street pageantries.

Valerie Guillet who is Pavilion coordinator, said the timing was perfect to mark Mardi Gras Indians, not just due to their bright multicolored dressing up and wonderful music. Other conventional jubilations in the African Diaspora, has made the distinctively New Orleans norm well-known to a nationwide audience.

Mardi Gras Indians represent New Orleans as the St. Charles streetcar as well as the St. Louis Cathedral, but some details of their activity continue to be confidential at least to foreigners which are strange. Mardi Gras Indians have splendidly performed and rocked the stage on Jazz Festivals. They have flaunted the grounds ever since the occasion began in the year 1970, but in 2012 it is hoped that the fest will provide a thorough view for the public.

8 maskers will dwell in the pavilion over the 7 day festival course, stitching suits, fine beadwork, building crowns and providing answers for all questions. The festival's Mardi Gras Indian parades will stop in the Cultural Exchange Pavilion to execute on the parade songs. In all total, about representatives of thirty tribes will go through the pavilion while the fest is on full swing.


The arrival of springs brings in wave of happiness for the people of New Orleans. There is this festival throughout the month of March.

The Tennessee Williams New Orleans Literary Festival will showcase literary events, theaters, book fairs and scholar’s conference.

Poetry and One-Act Play competitions will be held. One can also savor at the lip smacking delicacies available at the outlets nearby.

Other than this Literary Festival, there will be a Crawfish Festival, where one can take pleasure in mouth watering dishes. Music, dance, yoga, choral performances, you name it and you have it right here in this festival. This festival is held in other cities of the state of Louisiana as well.

Fun run, Music and Barbecue events will enthrall you thoroughly. You can also feel the nostalgia when you visit certain historical districts of Louisiana with the self guided tours. You can also indulge yourself in buying antiques from the exhibition which will be at display.

These events at the festival will be held at different places of New Orleans City. For pirate lovers, the Festival will host Pirate Fashion Show, Merchants Market music and Louisiana Pirate Wench Pageant. Festival for children will thoroughly amuse them. Festival of Arts and Humanities will enrich the minds of the visitors with range of discussions on Books, Theaters and Folk Life. “Zapps International Beer Festival” accompanied with food trucks and music will remain etched in your hearts for years.

From kids to the aged, everyone can entertain themselves at the New Orleans Giant Puppet Festival.
Wine and dine at some of the best cuisines of the world in the Festival outlets. Children can enjoy themselves at the Kite Festival. Enjoy at the country’s oldest freshwater fishing contest, exclusively for children and adults.

The festival brings a fresh lease of air in the city of New Orleans. Go, dig in!